Photographers Galore!

I’m beginning to think that there are more diverse photographers photographing everything from individuals, family, weddings, kids, infants, babies, seniors, commercial, etc. in Utah than anywhere else in the US.

There’s so much amazing and diverse talent in this geographical area than anywhere else.

Trying to find that one and only photographer that fits your personality and needs and price has got to be the most difficult thing anybody can take on.

Sometimes we rely upon friends and relatives who have recommended a particular photographer. But even then, sometimes that one photographer just doesn’t fit the bill.

There’s also the consideration of how long one photographer’s been in business over another; whether they have 10, 20, 30 years of experience. And how about the equipment they use, whether using film or digital, and the quality of the equipment. How reliable they are producing your order on time, or at all, in some cases.

There are so many different scenarios that you can’t really know about. It can be scary. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories where people still haven’t received their wedding photos which were ordered several years ago. Then there’s the photographer who just started his business, and you as one of their first new clients, discovered they just went out of business after shooting your wedding. If you’re lucky, you haven’t had any of these experiences.

I wish I could say what would be the best thing for you to do, but it’s a very personal thing. I would suggest that you ask for testimonials, find photographers who have been in business at least 10 years, look at a lot of their current photography, and make sure you like the products that they offer. (Namely the type of albums they use, frames, bound published books, canvas wrap portraits, Christmas cards,etc.) Another thing to consider is that he or she has a studio to shoot in. In Utah we have four seasons and sometimes you can’t always shoot outdoors. Now I do know of clients who would have you shoot everything outside no matter what time of year! Of course that’s not a bad thing LOL 🙂 Most importantly, make sure you go in and meet the photographer.

With the advent of the Internet, checking photographer’s web sites is one of the most convenient things I can think of to help you select a photographer. Looking at their galleries will help you decide if they shoot what you like without having to go to each and every studio.

Hopefully the work is current and consistent with everything he/she shoots and that his best is not just a small percentage of the bulk of his work.

The bulk of my photography found on my web site is current. There are a few images I keep around because they have become more like logos, identifiers, or icons to my business. But most everything in my galleries are within the last two years, so that should give you a good indication of what I am currently shooting.

I’m always looking for new and innovative ways of photographing my clients, so.. the convenience of my studio helps me a lot in the diversity.

Some people think my outdoor portraits are from the canyons when actually they’re right here around my studio.

Another little niche that’s been an integrated part of my business for over 25 years is the makeovers we do right here in my full-service hair salon. We offer glamour makeover photography.