“About Us”


I have always enjoyed the creative arts; from graphic design to upholstery, and even restoring and adding on to my studio.  My love of photography came to me through a required class while studying in the graphic arts field. I found myself totally fascinated in the darkroom, spending hours and hours enjoying the photographic process.

When the digital age dawned, I embraced it with so much wide-eyed enthusiasm, I couldn’t get enough of it.  I started out scanning my client’s negatives. Finally, cameras caught up,  and when I got my first digital camera, it was magic!  I have always felt it important to keep up with technology for my clients and have the best camera and lighting equipment to provide the best possible portraiture.

My Clients

I enjoy getting to know you, my clients, becoming friends, and finding out what you do for fun.  This

helps me get a better idea of what kind of images you will like the most and enables me to help you get what you want!  It also helps everyone feel more comfortable in the process. My favorite thing is when a parent tells me that their child won’t smile, only to find that I had no trouble getting them to smile!  I always try to make each photo session fun for everyone.  Many times I have clients who are reluctant and tell me “I’m just not photogenic.”  That’s when the gloves come off and I accept the challenge! Rarely do I miss getting the best expressions.  (See testimonials)

I enjoy sharing the photography process from beginning to end, showing the many possibilities available for posing, capturing, and seeing the digital process firsthand.  I don’t sit idling by while shooting an event, waiting for the client to direct me, they have enough on their plate to do that. I look for opportunities to capture your magic memories!


My location/building provides a unique indoor and outdoor studio.  Our friendly staff includes Laurie my amazing wife, accountant, retoucher, confidant, etc; and myself.  I do a little of everything when needed, but I’m mostly behind the camera.

I was also the first in Utah Valley to add a hair salon for photographic makeovers.

I love…..

  • A date with my beautiful wife, without kids
  • Family meal time, all together with laughter!
  • My children (when they are good)
  • A good movie with popcorn, Sprite/fruit punch mix, and chocolate
  • My local high school drama productions, (more so when my kids are in them)
  • I have to admit I like facebook and my business facebook page
  • Classic and soft rock
  • Creating anything in wood, metal, drawing, painting
  • Hotrods and Harley Davidson motorcycles
  • And a high-quality beef steak
  • My ideal client is one who loves family and finds that carefully crafted portraiture is the best way to preserve and hold on to those precious memories, and knows the value of having a professional record them.  I can’t wait to work with you!

Thank you, Scott

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