Photo Restoration

Digital Photo Restoration Pricing

This is provided as a general guide, all work is based on $65.00 per hour, and we are pretty fast! Please read all information! For examples see “ARTWORK”.

Please note you don’t have to have an old photo to get it retouched: If you have a more recent digital image file or print (we scan the print) needing artwork or retouching, we can accommodate you.

We can accommodate Professional, Avid and Amateur Photographers, for your retouching needs.

If there is any questions or concerns, please make them known before work is performed!

studio: 1-(801)-785-8317 e-mail:

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Restoration work:


approximately 30 mins. of work


approximately 1 hours of work


approximately 11/2 hours of work


approximately 2 hours of work

Old original photos are scanned to an 8×10 size (depending on your particular image dimensions). We must scan it to the size you desire. If you feel that you want a larger image other than the 8×10 digital image, please make it known at the time of ordering. Any specific art/restoration work you want done must be written down prior to the restoration work.


includes 1 8×10  Digital image on a CD or your thumb drive.


includes 1 8×10  Digital image on a CD or your thumb drive..


includes 1 8×10  Digital image on a CD or your thumb drive.


includes 1 8×10  Digital image on a CD or your thumb drive.

We never work on the original image, we scan everything as close to an 8” x 10”  or digitally photograph anything over an 8” x 10” photo. If you have any questions before the actual work is performed, please make it known. The reputation of Scott Hancock photography is your guarantee of restoration. All work is suggestive and final. Decisions made during a restoration with any problems that arise are made solely by Scott Hancock photography and a staff, other than what is specifically stated by you, the client. We do not provide negatives of restored images.

NEW, We offer photo restoration by email.  We can give your precious photos new life. And you can make as many copies as you want right from your own photo-printer or from your favorite photo lab. For more details click here.

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