Located in Pleasant Grove, North of Provo, South of Alpine, Utah.
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Studio Location

214 South Main Street
Pleasant Grove
Utah, 84062

Nationally registered Elijah Mayhew Home

Parking is available in our private lot behind the building and on the street in front and on the side.

Studio Telephone


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Hours of Operation:

Tue – Fri
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MST
Saturday by appointment
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Scott Hancock Photography is located a short distance off of Interstate 15.

All images on this web site are protected under the 1976 copyright laws. No copies are permitted for any use.


21 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Hi, Scott. I’m an admirer of your work. I am a photographer in Missouri and I’m moving into my own studio. I am wanting to buy the large white and black backdrop like you have in your studio. I would like to be able to do large families indoors and the seamless paper that I have used before just isn’t big enough. I know you are a busy guy, but do you think you could tell me where I could get that? Thanks so much for your time!!

    Reba Hageman

  2. Thank you for your comments. The white background is built into the wall and fiber-glassed into the cement floor, that we paint regularly. the cove is built with full sheets 3/8” 4’x8′ of plywood nailed to the studs, laid end to end along the wall forced down on a 5/8″ plywood frame, cut to fit the coves curves, each one nailed on center to each stud (every 16″). Very solid allot of kids climb it the moment they walk in the studio. This is a quick explanation, call if you have further questions. back upper wall is sheetrock. hope this makes sense. the black background is just black carpet to a painted wall with a center blue, light-green center gradiated out to black. I did this by myself when I added the studio on to the building. any builder can figure it out, Good Luck! 😀

  3. A have a poster entitled, ‘Let’s All be friends!’ The photo on it is one you took. It is a little girl with her arms around 2 little boys. I have had it for years and years and would love to replace it. Is this photo available anywhere? If not, it should be. It is the greatest.

    1. I still haven’t heard from you yet, are you still wanting to find this image, I still can’t remember this image, can you email me a snapshot of it? Thanks Scott

  4. Good Day scott..

    I love what I have seen of your video’s with dvd slideshow…what program are you using, that is fabulous work, my hat is off to you…

  5. Can I schedule a time to have pictures taken of my daughter for her baptism.
    Just need a simple session in her dress with her scriptures. Are there any appropriate specials?
    What would be my best options.

  6. Hello,

    I was wondering if you rent out your outdoor grounds for photographers to use? If so how much for how long?

    Thanks so much for your time.


  7. I shoot Canon 5D and am always adjusting the settings to the circumstance at hand, I spend most of the time in programed mode while shooting wedding candids, but i’m still adjusting to manuel when needed. I work mostly in Photoshop using camera raw for multi image settings. and for your last question when posing wedding guest I carefully watch for the hot spots, but when needed I just use Photoshop carefully. 😀

  8. I viewed your before and after pictures and I am interested in bringing an old (and small) photograph of my mother the day she got married. It is in black and white, but right before her death she wrote on the back as to what color the dress was that she was wearing. I would really like to have the picture restored in color; is that a possibility?

    1. Definitely. We can improve the image, but we need to see it to know what the possibilities are. If you can bring it by that would be the best way or you could send a good digital image for analysis. Thank you for your intrest. Scott 😀

  9. Hi Scott. I was admiring your photos and stumbled across the outdoor mountain scenes with the families. I know it isn’t custom to give out location places, but I am in desperate need of a mountain scene like these for a family portrait I am doing. If you could disclose that for me that would be great. You can private email me if you want. adrienne_rene@hotmail.com .Thanks for your time.

  10. Hi,
    You did the bridal portrait for my daughter about 18 years ago. It is lovely, however, it has faded and faded. It has never been I. The sunlight or near a window. I am so upset. You said then that you kept the negatives. I hope you can help to restore or replace it. Please get I touch with me.
    Thank you,
    Jeanie Simmons

  11. Oh my gosh i ran across your video and all can say, the pictures were amazing. Photography is a hobby of mine. Plan on taking some courses on it, hopefully one day i can create masterpieces like the ones i saw. What photoediting software do you use? or are there some you can recommend. i was completely impressed with the section “when they all cant be there”. AMAZING is all i can say. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  12. Hi, I just want to tell everyone that Scott is the best. I wouldn’t do a family event without him. Not only are his posed photographs wonderful, but his spontaneous ones are too. They’re fun, they’re alive, they’re detail, they’re closeup, they catch emotion, and now we’ll have it forever. Thank you Scott….***** Rate him 5 Stars. 🙂 jp

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