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I have used Scott Hancock Photography for years. He has been our photographer for family pictures, high school senior pictures, missionary photos, extended family portraits, and was the photographer for my daughters wedding last year (2010). He does a wonderful job, is very professional in his work, and finishes the work in a timely manner. He is true to his contracts and is fun to work with.


This year my second daughter got married and wanted to use her best friend for a photographer, so we didn’t use Scott.  We didn’t ask for a discount , but paid full price for his services so we would be treated like one of his customers in a professional manner. Even though friends have good intentions, there is a big difference between using a professional photographer and a friend or someone who may just be starting up their company. These people may have a good camera, but they do not have the lighting equipment or years of experience that Scott does. My daughters pictures this year (2011) all had shadows on the faces of the wedding party, heads were cut off, the photographers’ reflection was in some pictures because he didn’t realize the basics of photo shooting. This photographer didn’t edit the photos or even take out the acne because he didn’t have time in his schedule to get it done on time (we would have to do the editing ourselves). He was rushed and wanted to be finished to do other things on his agenda. With Scott, I never felt he rushed things. We were the most important thing on his schedule and sometimes even went over a little because he thought of another creative way to take a picture for that shoot. I highly recommend Scott Hancock Photography, he loves what he does and it shows in his work. He always pays attention to detail and he even gives you ideas of what will look good on the wardrobe of your group. Scott is the best photographer in Utah, in my opinion. As an event planner, I only recommend those who I know will do a great job for you. Scott is a photographer that without hesitation, I highly recommend to you.


Jane Schofield, Owner of  “

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  1. We visit Scott Hancock for our family portraits for his artistic presentations. Or wedding and each family session as our kids have arrived and as they grow have been at Scott’s studio. We love every portrait he has created for us!

  2. I needed a 800 x 600 picture for the byline of articles that I write for an online website. I am so happy that I did go to Scott Hancock to get the picture. He knows the subtle lighting, posing, facing directions and prompts that make all the difference between a not so great picture, my usual, or a very good one. After collecting some shots, he does A/B comparisons like the eye doctor will do to get your eyeglasses prescription just right and lo and behold, the best picture really does emerge.

    Very, very happy with my decision to get a professional photograph from an excellent photographer.

  3. I needed a photo for an internet dating website. Scott took extra time to take multiple poses and he also took extra time to make special touch-ups that I requested. I was more than pleased with the photograph. I would recommend Scott Hancock photography to anyone looking for a professional photo.

  4. Scott Hancock has taken all four of my daughter’s senior pictures. His use of light in the studio is phenomenal. He gets their personalities to shine through in his photography. He is a master at showing their beauty, playfulness and determination.

  5. We received a photo sitting for a Christmas gift. I wasn’t excited about it because I thought there was no way he was going to get my 19 month old baby to smile. I was very wrong, he did everything but stand on his head to get her to smile, and he got a lot of pictures of her smiling. He was great with all my kids and they all said they wanted to do this every year. I have to say I was amazed at how well all the pictures came out. It couldn’t have been a better experience.

  6. I loved having my picture taken, I think Scott Hancock did good creating a comfortable environment because I usually don’t enjoy having my picture taken. I loved seeing how my photo is going to turn out, and being capable of getting exactly what I want. The quality of the photos are very professional, and made my graduation photos look really good.

  7. Scott just shot my senior pictures and did an excellent job. There were lots of different shots I wanted to do and he was patient and shot them all. The pictures turned out great!

  8. I simply hate having my picture taken as I am so totally NOT photogenic. Wonder of wonders, though, Scott Hancock was able to not only make me look presentable for the portrait with my totally photogenic husband but actually lovely. The occasion was our 50th wedding anniversary portrait. Kind of a big deal for us. Thank you, Scott. You photographed a once-in-a-lifetime event so beautifully and the the finished product?–a portrait which we are proud to frame and share with our loved ones. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  9. What I appreciated most about Scott was his eye for detail. He would point out that a sweater was lying weird or if our hands looked awkward. It is refreshing to hear those things and fix them before you see them in the final picture and wish to fix them.
    He made the kids laugh too! He got laughs and big smiles out of the 18 month old!!
    Thanks Scott!

  10. We started coming to Scott in 2003 when my oldest son left on his mission. We had family pictures as well as the missionary picture done and we were very pleased with the outcome. Scott truly is a professional and with a family of ten it is not easy to make it work but he does it with ease. He makes us laugh and the smiles are genuinely joyful. We just had another family photo shoot and our family has grown to 15. Our 18 month old granddaughter was not happy and I would have bet money that she wasn’t going to smile. Not only did she smile, he had her giggling for the camera! Way to go, Pooh! Our daughter-in-law asked if we could please come to Scott everytime! We are on our 4th missionary and will come back for all of our photography needs. Thank you Scott!

  11. We’ve been using Scott Hancock for our family photography for several years now. We keep coming back because we enjoy the personable experience. He and his staff remember us by name, and what sorts of poses we like. We even bring in photos from previous years to help us remember who was next to who as we watch our family get older through the years. Scott uses those to help us get the best results. He’s patient with the kids and helps us all be comfortable.

    We’ve even used him for specialty projects. When I was putting together my novel, “The Shopping Cart Man,” Scott photographed the painting that was used on the cover.

    We’ve made getting family photos at Scott Hancock a family tradition, and if you’re interested in high quality work, that brings out the smiles in your family that helps them look both natural and happy, we recommend that you visit Scott, too.

  12. WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE! I have five small children and my husband was dreading getting a family portrait taken. There was no need to worry, Scott was patient and using his secret weapon got my kids smiling and our family portrait turned out amazing. We will return in the future for our family portrait needs.

  13. My friend recommended Scott to me. She is a wedding planner and simply could not say enough about Scott and the quality of his work. I needed an updated business photo. Scott was accommodating in that he took my appointment on short notice and fit me in to his schedule. He was quick and efficient. All qualities that are very important to my professional schedule. But the thing I was most impressed with was his creative hand. The photography was outstanding, but the way he spent so much time with me to make the finished product a work of art was simply extraordinary! I am so pleased with his work that I too, will recommend him to everyone I know and will hire him again and again! Thank you Scott!

  14. I own “Be My Guest” Wedding and Event Planning and Scott Hancock is my number one, first choice Photographer for every event!!! He is such a gifted Artist! I love his particular style with 33 years of experience; it shows in his amazing work! He has the most arresting style that just captivates you…
    Lisa Swearingen

  15. Scott has been our family photographer for over 8 years! We love to look back at the pictures he has taken each year and see how our family has grown. In addition to being a skilled photographer, he is also very friendly and makes our family feel comfortable and enjoy the whole picture taking experience. Scott uses the highest quality photography lab in Utah so you know you are getting the best quality prints, at an affordable price, and in a timely manner.

  16. My husband and I are in the Senior Ciitizen group and really have not had a professional photograph taken since our wedding some 46 years ago. It was our first experience with Scott Hancock Photography. While at the sitting, we found Scott to be so enjoyable to work with as he knew exactly the lighting, the angles, even how to get from us the best look. He is joyfully professional and works so quickly. We were enormously pleased with the final result and were able to get a beautiful photograph for each one of our children as a Christmas keepsake. His darling wife Lori, the receptionist also made the experience truly pleasant. They were so easy to work with. Our neighbors had recommended Scott and his work because every year they have a family photo done at his studio. You will be delightfully pleased with the fabulous finished product – we surely were! Linda and Russ Fotheringham

  17. I first started using Scott in college, some 25 years ago. We have always enjoyed our experience with Scott, in all aspects of the process of taking a timeless family portrait. Scott is careful about clothing selection before the shoot. He is pleasant and patient during the photo shoot. Afterwards he carefully walks you through finding the best picture possible. You never feel rushed during any part of the process. We have been happy with every photo taken. Most recently, Scott took my daughter’s Senior pictures and he was so fabulous with her. He helped her to feel confident and really captured her personality in the photos he took of her. I highly recommend Scott Hancock to anyone who wants a quality product and an affordable price.

  18. We had Scott Hancock take pictures of seven of the family’s grandchild (from three different families) in a group picture. The children were ages 1-6, and he did a fantastic job at having them do different activities so that they would be relaxed and “themselves” in his studio. After the photo shoot, we decided to try and get the three remaining grandchildren (from two other families who couldn’t travel to Utah) added to the picture. Scott gave us advice on lighting and other technical matters by e-mail, and then we took the pictures with the highest quality camera we had, but that was in no way equivalent to Scott’s camera equipment. We sent Scott two sets of pictures (to include the children from both families), and he adjusted the lighting and even did some photoshopping to fix a child’s pose that wouldn’t work with the original picture. I couldn’t believe how well the picture turned out. The whole process took several months, as we decided to wait until a new baby grandchild was born, and throughout, Scott was helpful and responded very quickly to e-mails. I felt like the price he charged for photoshopping was very reasonable, and when we had the final picture, his staff suggested the best photo sizes (8 x 12, and 10 x 15) due to the length of the picture with the kids in a row, that we’d chosen from among the different poses. She also told me that frames for those sizes are readily (and inexpensively) available on the Internet. We got a good discount on the pictures as we were having multiple copies of the same pose and size printed. Honestly, I wish I had known about Scott when I had my wedding, because he is the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. Thank you very much for helping us create a picture of all the grandchildren, which could have never come to life without Hancock Photography’s expertise.

  19. Scott Hancock is the best photographer ever! We have been using him for years, and every family portrait and individual picture has been perfect. He is gifted with digital photography. Our last family portrait had 13 wiggly children in it and two adults missing. He was able to photoshop the two missing people and plug in different shots so that each child in the picture has a smile. Many people have made positive comments about the beautiful family portraits we have hanging in our home. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  20. It was great to have a family picture taken! We enjoyed the outdoor setting and the editing that was done for each persons needs

  21. We have been coming to Scott for our family pictures for years and have always been extermely happy with the results. Scott makes the process easy and fun. And our pictures are amazing. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks Scott.

  22. Scott Hancock is a master of his craft. We were pleased well beyond our expectations . Scott was able to make it fun for our kids and keep them focused the whole time so that we had several great shots to choose from.

  23. Scott has been photographing our family for years. We have a young daughter who has been especially difficult to photograph, and Scott always takes the time to work with her and get great shots. (She does much better now :)) I wanted a very special portrait of her in the dress she wore when she was sealed to us. After showing Scott an idea I loved, he not only shot a magical photo, it was even better than the idea I showed him. It’s my favorite photo EVER! We love Scott’s clean, classic, traditional style. Scott and Laurie will work with you to give you photos you love.

  24. Last year I had Scott digitally photograph and restore some treasured old photos of my father and his horses. One in particular was a gem — my father at the age of four on his very first pony. I will never take my photography business any place else. Thanks for helping preserve precious memories for me and my family.

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