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we build relationships through fabulous parties.

We design weddings, birthdays, family events, teen parties, family reunions, corporate parties, and much more. Go to our online store at for help with your next party. We create fun!”
I have known Jane for many years and I have been her photographer years. She is great to work with, has a positive attitude, and if there is a problem finds a way to solve it so both parties involved are happy. I was the hired photographer last year for her daughters wedding. I saw first hand her creativity in designing a beautiful wedding. The decorations were designed around diamonds and pearls. She had created a false ceiling which added to the beautiful atmosphere of the event. The reception included a dance and all of the guests had a great time. I saw extended families laughing together and friends who came felt a part of the family and welcomed. The whole event ran smoothly and she was very detailed in my role as the photographer and what was expected of me. She kept her deadlines and wrote up a detailed contract, so everything was very clear on dates and deadlines on my part. She is happy and has a great outlook on everything. I highly recommend Jane and “MY Custom Event Planner” for you family and Corporate events and parties. She is very creative and will help bring your family or company together for a great party. Her parties/ events are one people will remember and want to come again to. …..
Scott Hancock


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