Marianne Timothy Davis wrote:
“Our experience getting our family & baby bump pics done by Scott was great!  We’re really happy with our pictures.  Thanks!”


Jonathan Ruesch wrote:

“Scott Hancock Photography is amazing. Working with Scott has been a wonderful experience and he is definitely an amazing professional photographer. His professional photography is some of the best I’ve seen. I definitely recommend him to anyone for the best photography experience.”


Cassidy Freeman wrote:

Scott Hancock Photography is one of the best!!! He is so easy to work with! I loved taking all the pictures for Pride and Prejudice. Plus they all looked awesome! He also took my head shots and I have gotten compliments on how nice they look! Thank you Scott!!!


Becca Glover wrote:

Scott Hancock Photography rocks!!! He takes amazing pictures! I’ve had the opportunity to have Scott take my headshots and they turned out AMAZING! He also has taken pictures of plays I have been in and the quality is SPECTACULAR!!!  SCOTT HANCOCK PHOTOGRAPHY IS THE BEST!!! (:


Krysta Lynn Newman wrote:

Scott did the photography at my wedding as well as my sister’s wedding and family portraits before I got married. Super fun to work with and awesome quality. 

Anna Lewis wrote:

Thanks so much for all your help with Productions over the years at Lone Peak! You’ve been great, and so kind. Especially with head-shots, it was so nice to go in there, feel comfortable, and get it done quickly… and still with such a quick time every single shot looked amazing. It was hard to choose. Thanks!


Sarah Mae Ogden wrote:

I loved my opportunity to work with Scott. He was kind, easy to work with, and the results were fabulous! They were the best results I have had from a photographer yet, and if I have the chance then I will certainly go back for more. So if you are looking for a chance to receive high quality photos then I recommend coming to Scott Hancock Photography .

Sierra Theola Dew wrote:

I love Scott Hancock Photography! I had a wonderful time taking my head shots for the first time. My first real experience taking head shots was amazing due to Scott Hancock Photography. My photos turned out beautiful. I definitely recommend him!


Allyson Smoot wrote:

Scott Hancock Photography is phenomenal! I really enjoyed working with Mr. Hancock, and the head shots that he took turned out amazing. He really knows what he is doing. I would definitely recommend him.


Stephanie Janae Shattuck wrote:

I was super impressed by my experience with Scott Hancock Photography! He did a fabulous job taking headshots for Lone Peak’s Production class and still does continue to take fabulous pictures! Scott Hancock makes the pictures look natural which is an excellent quality! Even while taking the pictures, he made the experience fun, easy, relaxed, and enjoyable! You never feel like it’s just another picture taking, it’s a fun activity you’ll want to do again! Scott Hancock’s pictures are professional, lovely, exciting, and fabulous all for a excellent price! 


McKay Dean Lewis wrote:

Scott did a photo shoot for some of Lone Peaks students a while back, gave us some really nice head shots! And I was so impressed with the high level of professionalism and yet the very friendly air that was created during the session. I was in for a head shot, and he knew just how to make the face do either big grin or macho stone face (whatever that’s called) within seconds! And he caught every one! Well, if your looking for any photos taken at the highest level with the greatest methods, look no further than Scott Hancock Photography!


Dee Jones Frodsham wrote:

From the Frodsham Family. We love our portrait. How nice it was to be able to actually get a family photo with all of us together, since that would have been impossible without doing each family separately. We appreciate Scott’s patience. We had to change dates at least once and it was hard to get everyone to make their appointments and get in there to get them done, but the studio was very accommodating and now we have our “once in a lifetime” family portrait. Thanks soooo much!!!


Brianna Bracey wrote:

You are such an amazing photographer!! It was so easy and nice working with you! The pictures were phenomenal and you are so talented! I will definitely come back to get more pictures later on!  You are by far the best photographer ever!!!  YAY SCOTT HANCOCK PHOTOGRAPHY!!  thanks again!!!!!!


Makenzie Head wrote:

Hey thank you guys so much for working with Lone Peak Drama Department, as a member of council I just wanted to say thank you from all the theater kids at Lone Peak! You have done such an amazing job! Thanks again! The photos were great!


Kausha Elán Campbell wrote:

Hey Scott! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the pictures! I’ve already had so many compliments on that picture just in one day.


Sherry Ward wrote:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! We have been SO excited to see these! I L.O.V.E. them!


2 Replies to “Client Feedback”

  1. Thank you so much Scott. You went out of your way to make my family feel special. We just love our pictures!
    The girls thought you were very fun and funny and they loved the jumping pictures.

    Could you put our picture on face book. The account is under Jacob Rhodes. We want all our frined to see your amazing work!

    Thank you
    Heather, Jacob, Kylee and Kelsie Rhodes

    1. Thank you. You have a beautiful family it was fun working with you. The image have been there a few weeks, just become my friend and we’ll tag you! 😀

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