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Writing in STONE

As most of you know, writing to a cd or dvd is not as permanent as we all thought. Over time there is a breakdown in the structure of the disc. What can you do? Let me introduce you to a new technology that I am working with…

Millenniata M-Arc Disc and M-Writer for archiving.

Since it doesn’t use the organic dyes glued to a typical plastic substrate, the Millenniata M-Arc Disc doesn’t deteriorate, although no one has really tested the 1,000-year claim yet.

It can only be written with their writer but can be read by any other DVD player.

So I am offering this service to my clients for the ultimate protection available for their precious wedding images. An additional fee of only $20 per disc. This is even cheaper than what you could do for yourself if you went out and bought the writer and disc. The discs aren’t cheap, although if you factor it over the hoped-for product life, it should even out. The M-Arc Disc holds 4.7GB like standard DVDs do.

This service is also good for any past clients that would like an updated DVD of their wedding images.

When you just can’t make it at the same time…

Unique Family portrait session

Based on the Brady Bunch sitcom all these images were selected from and produced the final image.

Facebooked by Scott Hancock Photography

Before & After Photo Restoration Slide Show

Photo-Restoration (Before and After Photographs)

Photo Restoration by Email, Click Here for more information.


Family Slideshow by Scott Hancock photography

Wedding Slideshow

Senior slide show by Scott Hancock photography

Bridal slideshow

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